candles are created using:

  • all-natural, eco-friendly soy blend wax grown in the U.S.
  • naturally harvested wooden wick, providing a tantalizing crackling sound when burning
  • and scented with premium fragrances infused with essential oils.
  • 12 oz.
  • 100% soy wax grown in USA
  • Domestically sourced wood wicks
  • 100% Phthalate free
  • Burn time: 65-75 hours
  • Dermatologically tested, skin safe


Sea & Sand:

This fragrance will transport you to the islands with its blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon sweetness. Infused with natural essential oils. 

Note Profile:
Top: Citrus
Middle: Coconut
Base: Cream

Hey Daddy

A sensual masculine fragrance that marries the fragrance notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver.  This fragrance is mysterious and lustful.  

Note Profile:
Top: Marine, Camphor, Pineapple
Middle: Lavender, Bamboo
Base: Dark Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Cedar

Cashmere Plum

This fragrance provided a cozy, warm, and inviting feel. The touch of black cherry enhances the dark plum to reinforce the sweetness in this scent while the musk and freesia add a light earthy dimension!

Note Profile:
Top: Citrus
Middle: Plum, Black Cherry
Base: Amber, Sugar, Light Musk, Vanilla, Freesia

Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes gives a calming and cleansing aroma that promotes positive energy and well-being.  Scented with palo santo, amber, and sandalwood. 

Note Profile

Top: Cardamom, Citrus
Middle: Palo Santo, Violet, Saffron
Base: Smoke, Wood, Sandalwood, Amber

The Gentleman

The Gentleman is a captivating scent that begins with hints of orange, grapefruit, and an infusion of sage that enhance the natural earthy quality. This fragrance creates a sensual, intimate atmosphere for any room.

Note Profile:
Top: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit
Middle: Lavender
Base: Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka Bean