"Back in December, Sew KC and Whiskey + Bone teamed up to create these unique, fun necklaces. As a team we chose designs that sewKC both developed and created for pieces in their store. I took these designs and had one of a kind metal stamps made so I could hand-stamp custom pieces for them. 

These necklaces are made of both brass and plated brass. For anyone who has a sensitivity to metals, these should not be an issue for you. As you wear these - naturally over time, these necklaces may need a bit of extra love to keep shiny. Due to the natural oxidation of metals, they may become less shiny from natural oils your skin produces. To keep your necklace looking new and fresh, all you need is a sunshine cloth. (Each necklace comes with one!)" - Tara Anderson, Whiskey + Bone
Made by SewKC